Excellence in Analog and Mixed-Signal ASIC/IP Development
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    FMD offers the highest technical quality at competitive prices. Our design philosophy and quick IC prototyping assures you of obtaining a working design with the minimum amount of risk.
We understand the importance of good service. When you contract FMD, you get the personal engineer-to-engineer relationship that is so essential in successfully developing a complex Analog, Digital or Mixed-Signal ASIC.
FMD specializes in high performance analog, switched-capacitor, data acquisition, sensor signal conditioning and current-mode designs. These are areas where experienced ASIC design engineers with proven success have been difficult to find. Other areas may include: high-speed, low-power, low-voltage, low-noise, high-speed, high-voltage or high-reliability for military, industrial or commercial applications.
Because FMD is an independent engineering company, we can give you an unbiased assessment of your needs and help you obtain the optimum solution to your ASIC requirements.
FMD's goal is to develop successful ASICs with minimum risk at reasonable NREs. FMD’s engineering services and proprietary design tools enable us to achieve these objectives. FMD's low-cost, fast-turn prototyping and vendor-independent design techniques can guarantee working ASICs before committing to production.